Etsy Love: Lo Boheme

Modern Eye, Vintage Heart.  That is the tag line for the fabulous hair-wear and accessory company know as Lo Boheme.  Its slightly perfect, isn’t it? 

A little about the inspiration behind the Lo Boheme line…

The Lo Boheme aesthetic is inspired by the details of eras past; whether it be French Bohemianism of the early 1900’s, the detailed lines of the Art Nouveau movement, or the glamor of Old Hollywood. It is the delicate feminine sophistication from these times, coupled with Lo’s modern eye that produce unique yet wearable statement accessories. Lo longs for the day when the headdress was a wardrobe staple, and it is her goal with her designs to bring this dream a little closer!

We love your creations Lo, and are looking forward to the day that we’ll get to photograph them again!

A spotlight on Lo Boheme...Modern Eye, Vintage Heart.

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