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Janice and Stephen’s Sunstone Villa Engagement Session

Last fall Janice & Stephen flew to California from Hong Kong for a gorgeous day at Sunstone Villa in Santa Ynez.  We started out with an casual engagement session taking advantage of all the beauty of the property and surrounding areas…
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More from this amazing day coming soon!


Photography: Lavender & Twine / Venue:  Sunstone Villa / Hair & Makeup:  TEAM Hair & Makeup / Floral Design:  These Buds A Blooming


Santa Barbara Courthouse Engagement Session


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Photography: Lavender & Twine   /  Location:  Santa Barbara Courthouse  /  Hair & Makeup:  TEAM Hair & Makeup

A Santa Barbara Engagement Session…

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Kristen & Shane are such a fun and stylish couple, and their upcoming El Encanto wedding is something we are very much looking foward to!  We had a ball touring some classic local spots during their Santa Barbara Engagement session.  Can’t wait unitl the wedding!  xoxo

A Malibu Engagement Session

Tiffany and Chris are getting married next month at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn & Spa–we can not wait!  In the meantime we’re thrilled to share a little peak into their engagement session photographed on the beach in Malibu.


Malibu Engagement SessionA Malibu engagement session by Malibu wedding photographers, Lavender & Twine. 2013-04-17_0003 2013-04-17_0004 2013-04-17_0005 2013-04-17_0006 2013-04-17_0007 2013-04-17_0008 2013-04-17_0009 2013-04-17_0010 2013-04-17_0011 2013-04-17_0012 2013-04-17_0013 2013-04-17_0014 2013-04-17_0015 2013-04-17_0016 2013-04-17_0017 A Malibu engagement session by Malibu wedding photographers, Lavender & Twine. Malibu Engagement Session Malibu Engagement Session A Malibu engagement session by Malibu wedding photographers, Lavender & Twine.Malibu Engagement Session

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